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Automobile portal Cartechnic

Welcome to the site, which will help solve all the problems with your car! Today there are many auto sites in the network. Their common drawback is that they are focused on one task: free classified ads on the purchase and sale of cars, machines, catalogs, advice on car repair, etc. On our site you can immediately get all the necessary information!

For the first time different articles are presented on this site:

- Detailed description of the technical characteristics of all models of cars;

- Best offers of purchase and sale of new cars and used cars;

- Reviews of car owners;

- Test drives and conclusions of leading auto experts;

- Useful articles on repair and maintenance of vehicles;

- Instructive videos of accidents;

- Tickets SDA 2016 with the answers;

- A forum for the communication of car owners.

Buy or sell a car - on Cartechnic

So, you have decided to buy a car. All future car owners faced with the challenge of choosing a car, for some it takes more than one month. We have developed a detailed catalog of cars containing all the popular brands of cars in Russia, detailed specifications of cars, the pros and cons of each model.

The relevant section of the site you will find information about:

- Car model;

- Type and characteristics of the body;

- Characteristics of the transmission and the suspension;

- Braking system features;

- Steering type;

- The volume, power, engine location;

- Detailed performance characteristics of the machine.

Finally, determine the choice of the "iron horse" to help real reviews of car owners. Our readers share their experiences from a wide variety of car models. Who else but the owner of the car will be able to give it an objective description?

Inexpensive to buy a car will help you best private messages about sale of the new or used vehicles. This section contains the latest offers of car owners from all over Russia. Here you can buy a car from Russia, Germany, Belarus, USA, China and other countries. Wishes to profitably sell the car can post a free ad for the sale of cars.

Test drive - learn all about your car!

Testing vehicles in urban areas, on roads, in a mountainous area – all of these is collected in the "Test Drive". Sometimes it's best to heed the opinion of the expert, and the tests carried out our best experts from Russia and other countries! Buying a car - a responsible business. Therefore, it is better to know in advance how to behave your assistant on ice, during rain or spring thaw. Analytics, interesting photos and videos on auto topics don’t leave you indifferent and will help you choose the car of your dreams!

Today, the main thing is security. In pursuit of low prices, many automakers sacrifice airbags, strengthening the car body and other important details that minimize damage to their car in a traffic accident. Video of crash tests clearly show how the car behaves in a frontal, side impact or overturning onto the roof.

Recent auto news

Our editors keep abreast of the latest developments auto world! In the "Articles" section, there is exclusive coverage of the latest global auto, press releases about new models, information on recent developments in the law. Only with us you will always be aware of changes in the rules of the road and the amount of fines.

Modern driver simply has to be informed about the latest Motorsports. Then you will be able to converse on equal terms with the traffic police inspector and not get into trouble on the road.

Here you will learn how to repair the machine with his hands, get the advice of experienced motorists. In this section we will publish information about promotions and seasonal discounts on cars. Catch up with, and we'll show you how the most profitable to buy a car.

Examination STSI tickets 2016

Only С published last tickets SDA with the answers! If you are only going to get a driver's license, we will help you successfully pass the exam in the traffic police. It is no secret that the test each year to the rights becoming more difficult. The driver needs to know all the nuances of traffic rules. We know all the answers to traffic tickets and share our knowledge to you. You can try to pass the online traffic exam, and the number of attempts is not limited!

Information on fines for traffic violations is also very useful. We invite all our readers to comply with traffic rules. Find out the size of the fines and be an example to follow on the road to other drivers!

Site car sale Cartechnic. Reviews machines. Private ads for the sale of used and new cars


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